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"As engineers, we were going to be in a position to change the world - not just study it. - Henry Petroski, Engineering Professor, Duke University

SHPE Mission

The purpose of SHPE at UCSD is to promote the advancement of Hispanics in math, science, engineering and other technical fields through our student chapter benefits; including but not limited to Professional Development, Academic Development, and Community Service.



SHPE Vision

SHPE's vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influenced as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

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SHPE UC San Diego

SHPE at UC San Diego was established in 1986. The purpose was originally to create a medium in which the small population of Hispanic/Latino students studying engineering at the university could network with other Hispanic engineers in the area. It was soon apparent that networking was just one of the many benefits that SHPE would provide to students.The role of the chapter has evolved to where it currently serves as a way for students to receive tips and encouragement for academic and professional success.

SHPE UC San Diego has a history of collaborating with other organizations at UCSD. The chapter worked very closely with what used to be the MESA program at UCSD. Although the MESA program no longer exists at UCSD, the chapter is affiliated with the umbrella organization Triton Engineering Student Council (TESC). Additionally, our SHPE chapter also works with UCSD's Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP), which includes programs such as the California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) and the McNair Program. Very recently SHPE has become an annual sponsor to AEP’s “Comienza con un Sueño” High School Conference, dedicated to provide college application and financial aid workshops to first generation students and their parents. In the past year we have also begun collaborating with UCSD’s NSBE chapter to provide help to San Diego homeless students in their pursuit of attending college.

Our chapter is one of very few engineering student organizations at UCSD that does outreach to schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas of San Diego. SHPE UC San Diego has taken a very active role in giving back to the San Diego community. In 1999, the chapter began to do outreach at an elementary school in the Barrio Logan area of San Diego. After ten years, students from UCSD still participate in Logan Elementary on a bi-monthly basis.

We have established our own High School Conference, focused on encouraging underprivileged students to not only receive a college education but to also pursue a degree in the STEM fields. Through it all, SHPE UCSD has continuously provided professional and leadership development to our members such as our annual Professional Development Day consisting of workshops, resume critiques, and mock interviews done by company representatives and recruiters.